When multiple myeloma relapses

RESPOND with a treatment with a tolerable safety profile

KRd adverse events

In the ASPIRE trial there was a longer treatment duration in the KRd arm* vs the Rd arm (88 vs 57 weeks, respectively).1
AE-related discontinuation rates were similar between KRd and Rd arms.1

Adapted from Stewart et al.1

The addition of Kyprolis® to Rd did not increase discontinuation rates

ASPIRE: rate of therapy discontinuation due to AEs1

Refer to Summary of Product Characteristics and Prescribing Information for comprehensive safety information

Frequency of AEs may vary between studies. Refer to SmPC for selected AEs reported in clinical studies.2 *Kyprolis® was given at reduced frequency from cycles 13 to 18 (the day 8 and 9 doses of Kyprolis®; were omitted) and discontinued after 18 cycles.1

Please read the SmPC for full comprehensive safety information


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  2. Kyprolis® (carfilzomib) Summary of Product Characteristics; 2016.

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