When multiple myeloma relapses

RESPOND with a Kyprolis®-based regimen

Kd progression-free survival after one relapse

In the ENDEAVOR trial, median PFS was more than double with Kd vs Vd in patients after one relapse (22.2 months with Kd vs 10.1 months with Vd; descriptive P<0.0001).1

Adapted from Moreau et al.1

Kyprolis® has a tolerable safety profile in combination with dexamethasone Detailed treatment regimen in the Kd head-to-head phase 3 ENDEAVOR study

Starting a Kyprolis®-based regimen as the 1st treatment after relapse adds at least an additional year of median PFS vs Kd for your patients1

Please read the SmPC for full comprehensive safety information


  1. Moreau P et al. Leukemia 2016;1(1):1–8.

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