When multiple myeloma relapses

RESPOND with the power of Kyprolis®-based regimen (KRd)

KRd progression-free survival


The primary endpoint of the trial was PFS, with the results being 26.3 months median PFS with KRd vs 17.6 months with Rd.1

Adding Kyprolis® to the treatment regimen Rd resulted in a significant increase in PFS vs Rd alone – increasing patients’ time without disease progression.1

The use of KRd led to a 1-year improvement in median PFS vs Rd after first relapse (29.6 months with KRd vs 17.6 months with Rd; descriptive P=0.008). 2

Kyprolis® has a tolerable safety profile in combination with Rd Detailed treatment regimen in the KRd pivotal phase 3 ASPIRE study

Aim for similar efficacy in the relapsed setting with KRd compared to 1st line studies in multiple myeloma3,4

*Treatment with the KRd regimen for longer than 18 cycles should be based on an individual benefit–risk assessment (limited data on the tolerability/toxicity of Kyprolis® beyond 18 cycles).5

Please read the SmPC for full comprehensive safety information


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