When multiple myeloma relapses

RESPOND with KRd – Improvement in quality of life shown from cycle 3 onwards

Kd vs Vd (ENDEAVOR): Patients treated with Kyprolis®* reported significantly better quality of life scores than those treated with bortezomib*1

In the head-to-head trial, the significant difference reported with Kyprolis®* vs bortezomib* became clinically meaningful over time.1

Health-related quality of life1

Adapted from Ludwig et al, 2016.1

Kd vs Vd (ENDEAVOR): Significant benefits in patient-reported symptoms for patients treated with Kyprolis®* vs bortezomib*1

Treatment with Kyprolis®* compared to bortezomib* showed significant benefits for fatigue, pain and side effects of treatment scores.1

Health-related quality of life symptom domain treatment differences1

*In combination with dexamethasone

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  1. Ludwig et al. Presented at ASH 58th Annual Meeting & Exposition; 3–6 December 2016; San Diego, CA. Abstract 3309.

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